Attention EXPATS! This is Your One-Stop Coaching Program that is Specifically Designed for EXPATS Living Outside of Their Home Country. We Show You the Exact Methods to Reduce Body Fat, Sculpt Your Body & Feel Amazing!

Welcome, EXPAT Mums & Dads!

Over the past 20 years, Kara Wutzke has helped thousands of men and women from all over the world collectively more than 70,000 pounds! Kara is an EXPAT, TEDx Speaker, an award-winning personal trainer, bodybuilding champion, and mum. Her mission is to help 1 million people live their healthiest, happiest and fittest life. Her heart's calling is helping expat mums & dads just like you.

It's YOUR turn to feel good and confident in your body!

Have you ever struggled with?

  • Knowing what to eat, how much to eat, or when you should eat?
  • Finding time to fit your health into your crazy busy EXPAT schedule?
  • Knowing what works and what’s a waste of your time?

There are an unlimited number of different tactics and strategies. It’s confusing! Where do you start? Where do you focus your time?

Plus, let’s cut to the chase; EXPAT life isn't as easy as most people think it is. Am I right?

Perhaps you jumped right on board with the idea of living in a new country, or maybe you needed a little bit more convincing. What draws many men and women in (especially the ones we know and work with) is the feeling that, ultimately, EXPAT life will be what it appears to be on the surface...

What's not to like about the prospect of a nice salary, having many life expenses paid for, and perhaps not needing to work at all?

New experiences, new food, new people, and not to mention the great learning opportunity for you and your kids! Plus, there is bound to be plenty to keep you busy, right?

Unfortunately, a few important things are innocently overlooked, and many of them take a toll on your health and body.

The novelty and holiday feeling consistently spills over into your lifestyle choices. Invitations to events and business dinners seem never ending. Homesickness impacts your diet as comfort food becomes a way to reconnect with what you miss. Different flavours and eating times result in snacking on tasty and familiar treats a little bit too regularly.

The availability and standard of classes and gyms is not quite as you anticipated (plus, your desire to workout is at an all time low!). And eating and drinking to reduce feelings of boredom and isolation?...that was an unexpected one!

Many people think it's just a case of making a few adjustments, but we know it's not that simple. The problem is that along the way we often forget to take care of ourselves. The trouble is that we get so caught up in the EXPAT busy life that we often forget to think about ourselves and listen to what we really need.

Being a busy parent and EXPAT, is it any wonder that your health and body have taken a back seat?


The bigger problem is that not only are you limiting the quality of your life experiences, but you’re also limiting that of the people who love you the most.

How can we give the best to our children and family when we feel tired and lethargic?

What life lessons and habits are we teaching our kids that won’t support them in the long run? What about the emotional cost in your relationships when you consistently don’t feel good in your body?

How would it feel to turn back the clock and reach the fitness and vitality of your university days? Imagine the feeling you'll have knowing that any exciting ideas you or your kids come up with, you can actually do! Fun, games, travels, adventures - it will all be possible. Not only that, but you'll thrive in those situations AND look incredible! ;) That's want prioritising yourself gives you and your family. You deserve all of it...

So the BIG question is…

How do you get REAL results, the body you want… and then HOW do you KEEP those results for LIFE?

And without starving yourself or suffering through another restrictive “Diet” and lifestyle overhaul…

K2Fit365 is our personalised coaching program designed by and for EXPATS, that gives you the solution to live your fittest, healthiest, happiest self. We give you the easy step-by-step process to get you into the best shape of your life.

Our 6000+ members have lost over 70,000+ pounds with our workouts, meal plans & mindset lessons.

“I remember the first time I left my home country to move to Asia. I found it so hard to stay on top of my workouts and eating healthy. I had so much less time, I was overworked, juggling family, couldn’t find a gym close-by, and the food was completely different!

I’d often feel like I’m too busy with work, juggling family to take care of my own health and fitness goals. I actually even gained 10 lbs and I’m a fitness coach!

Then I realised that if I could create a program that’s only 30 minutes a day, I was able to get back to into shape. Back to the body I wanted!

If you feel like you’re in a similar scenario…

I’m totally here with you!

I know how you feel and know how hard it is being overseas away from family, friends, and juggling a busy schedule.

That’s why together with my team of coaches, we have created K2Fit365. To bring you the tools and that we’ve been using for over 20 years helping EXPATS just like you achieve unbelievable body transformations.

We have mastered the strategies that truly get REAL results and want to share these with you. We know the EXACT methods to get you in shape - in the easiest way - helping you feel good and look your best.

We are inviting YOU personally to get our exclusive coaching with our ultimate EXPAT life program - K2Fit365!”


Here's The Truth...

You've been told to "eat less, and move more" to lose the weight... but it hasn't worked.

Sound familiar?

  • You’ve tried all the diets, cut the carbs, counted calories and done the cardio. But still NOT getting the results?
  • You’ve been frustrated, confused and overwhelmed with all the conflicting information online?
  • You’ve jumped from diet to diet, but keep gaining back the weight?
  • You’ve worked so hard and you’re really not getting the results you deserve?
  • You feel like NOTHING works?
  • You’re looking for REAL personal guidance, coaching, motivation, and support to achieve your goals?

That’s where the K2Fit365 Coaching Team comes in…

These are just a few of the challenges that people face along their journey to becoming their best selves. That’s why Coach Kara (that’s me!), along with my Coaching Team have started this ULTIMATE Coaching program. To level up and help you transform your body & life.

You will be guided the entire way, supported by your coaches and surrounded by the K2Fit365 community so you can stay accountable and on track to achieving your goals. For now and for LIFE.

Step 1

Chat with the team - Book your free 15-minute coaching call

Step 2

Discuss your goals with a coach - We want to make 100% sure you’re taken care of & ready

Step 3

Get set up with your program, with weekly modules, coaching and support LIVE in our calls

This is what K2FIT365 is all about. Making sure we go next level and work through your own personal setbacks, and conquer them TOGETHER.

Real Lives Our Coaching Program Has Helped Transform

SEE the results our coaching programs achieve on the OUTSIDE…

READ what they feel like on the INSIDE too.


I Lost 50 Pounds in Just 6 Months

“I joined K2Fit after years of struggling with my weight and ballooning to over 200 pounds. I would make a plan to start, see some changes and then fall off the bandwagon time and time again.

I have finally found a program that works for me, giving me real results for the long run. K2Fit brings me community, structured workouts & meal plans, along with a dedicated and professional coaching team. Now, I’ve lost over 50 lbs and feel amazing about my body and my health.”


I’m Leaner and Fitter Than I Have Been for 15 Years

“Three years ago, I found K2Fit online. I’ve been with the K2Fit Family ever since! At the time, I was busy travelling constantly for work, but I was absolutely fed up with how I looked and felt physically. I knew I had to dive into K2Fit and get back to feeling good about myself.

One of the best parts of K2Fit, is the community and support received daily. There is so much motivation, inspiration and most of all, kindness. The program and coaching taught me to follow the 80:20 rule with food and maintain more balance in my life.

Fitness is a journey and sometimes you do get side-tracked. My biggest lesson learned as is to be kind to myself and make sure I don’t use the wobbles as an excuse to give up. After all, we are all human! Now, I’m fitter and leaner than I have been for at least 15 years.”


My Weight Finally Shifted When I Joined K2Fit

“I had always exercised and kept fit, but I watched my weight creep up slowly over the years. I tried every diet out there and the weight would not come off, so I put the weight gain down to my age.

I found K2Fit and my life changed. K2Fit helped me to try and get back on track with diet and exercise and look more closely at what I was eating.

Seeing the before and after photos side by side is great, because I could really see all the changes my body made over the weeks from challenge to challenge.

Having the Coaches at K2Fit available anytime helps immensely. Plus the amazing support of the K2Fit community and my team! I couldn't have done it by myself."


K2Fit has helped add quality years to my life!

“I believe that K2Fit has revolutionised the whole concept of personal training. I have proven to myself I can do anything if I just keep working at it and don’t let my age (69??) or arthritis issues hold me back.

I first started personal training with Kara in 2003 and have been part of all the K2Fit challenges since her online coaching program started.

I love how I can train virtually with the same care and attention of a face-to-face session.

It’s not simply a list of exercises to be performed, it’s even holistic. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about diet and exercise and mindfulness. It’s about taking charge of your life and sticking with a regimen that is easy-to-follow and results driven.”.


I lost 30 kgs After Working with Kara and K2Fit

“I was obese with back problems, high blood pressure and cholesterol and I could barely tie my own shoelaces. I was about to give up hope that I would ever lose the weight.

I had tried all the diets before. I would cut all the carbs, the fats, whatever the diet said, I did it. And every time I stopped a diet, I would gain back the weight and even more. But I couldn’t live so restrictive my whole life!

K2Fit educated me on what I should be eating. I didn’t have to give up everything, and I could still enjoy the things I loved. Now I know how to balance food along with the workouts and I know how to maintain my weight-loss. K2Fit makes is an easy way of life.”

If you’re tired of reading articles, listening to blog posts, and seeing all the conflicting and confusing advice online and social media… And you want the step-by-step methods that have worked for 1000's of people around the world, then K2Fit365 is for you.

All that really matters for you is having the map you can follow, and help along the way so you don’t get stuck. Plus, knowing the map has been created by someone who’s ACTUALLY been to the destination and helped THOUSANDS of others get there.

And it’s all done in 3-easy steps

STEP #1: You Get The Step-By-Step Tailored Plan To Fit Your Needs

We will start out with a 1:1 coaching call, planning out the exact actions you need to follow that will give you the fastest results.

STEP #2: You Get The Exact Process

We give you all the tools you need, plus personalised coaching to show you how to burn body fat, get lean & feel amazing

STEP #3: Coaching Methods Specifically for Expat Life

You Get our Personal Support and Guidance, Answering Your Every Question

At K2Fit365, we know with 100% certainty that we have the best support, coaching team & proven system specialising with EXPATS. Full stop. You will get real access to coaches live and in real time, talking to you directly about you and your needs.

This isn’t a bunch of videos for you to watch and then try to figure the rest out on your own like most coaching programs…

You will wake up every single morning knowing the few, easy things you need to do hit your goals.

If all that sounds good to you… and you would like to set up a FREE Coaching Call with us… then the next step is simple. Take a minute and book in so we can chat!

Just a little reminder of WHAT YOU Get PLUS WAY MORE!

  • A proven coaching program that takes you step-by-step through your training, nutrition, and your mindset
  • A proven coaching program that takes you step-by-step through your training, nutrition, and your mindset
  • A proven coaching program that takes you step-by-step through your training, nutrition, and your mindset


No matter where you are in the world, we are ready to help you get there!

MORE than Fitness. We hit the body, mind, and soul with our K2Fit365 ultimate system.


Body Transformation Expert, EXPAT, TEDx Speaker, Physique Champion, Mum, Philanthropist, Cancer-beater, Beer Lover

“For over 20 years, I have been a professional fitness trainer living the EXPAT life in Asia and coaching body transformations for EXPATS around the world.

After transforming over 6000 people including every day busy mums and dads, CEOs, professional soccer players, and other coaches, we have come up with the easiest way to get you in the best shape of your life. This coaching program is designed specifically for the 'every day' real person living the EXPAT life that wants the key to fitness results.

By following our proven methods, you can dramatically transform your body, and more importantly set yourself up for long term success.

My passion is helping EXPATS just like you to shortcut the journey to feeling and looking their best.

I will be personally coaching you, along with my coaching team to make sure you get the results you want and see the changes inside and out.

We can't wait to coach you,


Christie Kable

Bootcamp & Aquafit Coach, Entrepreneur, Mum

“When I first started in K2Fit, I was a member trying to change my body under Kara’s programming and coaching. I lost over 20 pounds, and went back to being in the best shape of my life since having kids!

Once I hit my own goals and understood how simple K2Fit made this process, I knew I wanted to help spread Kara’s knowledge in body transformation to everyone possible.

Together, we started our online fitness challenges in 2012. It happened in such an organic way and I don’t think either of us understood just how much of an impact we could have with online coaching.

As a busy mum of 3, I know the struggles of finding balance and time for YOU. I am excited to share this step-by-step process with other mums and dads, around the world.

With K2Fit, I did, and I know you can get where you want to be!”

Elisabeth Welander

Yoga & Breath-Work Coach, Slöga Expert, Mum, Health & Wellness Coach

“I believe achieving your body goals on the outside come from working on the inside. I am looking forward to help you reduce your stress levels and balance your life.

Before K2Fit, I only did yoga and ran occasionally. After working closely with Kara, I learned how to combine strength training with Slöga (K2Fit style yoga), and breath-work - that’s when real change happened.

Living a busy life and juggling every day stressors can be challenging. With the right tools, it can be much easier to thrive in your daily life and achieve your greatest potential. I will guide you to find techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere to help relieve your body and mind.

I will help guide you through your own wants and needs. This will be an extension of you by tapping into your own power leading to a healthier and happier YOU.”

Begin Your Transformation At Any Level With K2Fit365

Choose the time for your 1:1 coaching call (it's FREE) for us to set up your plan to get you REAL body transformation results the most EFFECTIVE way possible.

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Kara and the K2Fit Team

*Individual results may vary. Regular exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve healthy weight loss. The testimonials featured are from real members of the K2Fit programs and may have used more than one K2Fit Challenge program to achieve their results. No one has been paid for their testimonial.